Residential Roofing Inspections, Roofing Repairs, and Roof Replacements

Does your old roof need repairs?  Have you had your roof inspected lately? Have you ever had it inspected??

It would be a great idea for you to have one of our professionals at Right Angle Roofing give it a thorough inspection!

Our Roofing Professionals can inspect your home for any type of damage you have beyond just roofing.

It’s possible the small leak is repairable and it is even possible that the small leak has caused more damage than you know and a more drastic measure would need to be taken in a form of a replacement.

Our licensed adjusters can handle the Insurance Claim process for you in the case of replacement due to storm damage.

If your looking for the cheapest prices on a roof in Coweta and Fayette Counties you’re most likely looking in the wrong place.  While our goal is to keep our costs competitive to other roofing contractors, the quality of our work is superior.
Always remember that you usually get what you pay for.
We are in the roofing business to serve our customers in a long term relationship. It is easy to go for the cheapest quote but that may not be the option or the level of quality that you need.